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John Tiggle

    Giant Eagle to the rest of the world

Green County

    The gateway to West Virginia

Rollin Coal

    Idiotic smoke stacks on diesel trucks.



Shuttle Caulk

    Need it for badmitton

In a Gawda Davita

    Oldhead rock classic as only Pinksburgers can say it.


    Whom James Harrison pee'd on

Santorum pulls out

    That's disgusting



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Tom Corporate

    Our new governor


    Local, professional hockey player. Crap. He got hurt. Yinz can hand off the cup to the Flyers.


Don't Touch My Junk

    Say no to porno scanners @ the airport

What do you do with a horny, professional quarterback?

    Suspend him for 6 games, I guess.

Attention Walmort Shoppers

    White people. Please leave the store.

Big Ben

    Can't decide if he's just banging the wrong chicks or he has to give them all a Dirty Sanchez at the conclusion of their actions and that's pissing them off so they sue.


    Like a tampon, only more expensive


    Our governor. We're doomed.

Ride Tiger's Wood

    Coming soon to a movie theatre near you


    6 Superbowls bro. We rock!!!!! Except for this season. We blow.

Western Pennsylvania is a racist area

    Vote for Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha!

Sootiest City

    That's us. Hooray!

Giant Taco Stand

    What Kennywood Park's becoming now that they've been sold to a Spanish company.


    Not some lame British clock, but our Steelers quarterback/savior who may be the best since Bradshaw. Sorry I can't pronounce or spell his last name. It's a whole nother slanguage. And wear your helmet when you crash your motorcycle!

    Yinz seen a sputzie ettin' a jumbo by the Yock or the Monmon?



    Words spoken by the always loquacious and soft spoken Theresa Heinz Kerry. Put a bag on her head!!!

Knuckle Sammich

    Served at Pixberg diners after 2 AM. Check it ott:


    Someone with extremely strong Pittsburgh accent

Farce Far

    Smokey the Bear puts them out

Dawn Tawn

    Downtown to the rest of the country

Da Bucos

    Our baseball team (Willie Stargell, we miss you)

Pixberg Stillers

    The best football team


    Plural of color

Da Pens

    Our hockey team


    Where da Pens play

It's a Burgh Thang

    Something only Pixbergers do


    Wet roads are slippy


    Suburb of East Liberty

We Unz

    Opposite of yunz

Still Mill

    Where they make steel


    Bologna sandwich to most

Dawn & Baw Knee

    Don & Bonnie

City Chicken

    Grilled pork & veal


    16 ounces

Eye See Lite

    Local, lo-cal favorite beer


    Sparrow to most

Radio Tower

    Radial tire

Talk Like the Locals in Paris, France


Parrot Parrot

    Baseball team mascot Pirate Parrot

Turtle Crick

    Turtle Creek

Quit Jaggin Dat Jumbo!

    Kindly stop playing with your food

The Blast Furnace

    Three Rivers Stadium when the Stillers are playing


    How to pronouce Pittsburgh

Imp n Arn

    Popular tavern drink

Gron Ron

    Sometimes becomes hamburgers

Mount Warshington

    Local geographic feature

Gum Bands

    Rubber bands

Red Up

    Clean up


    You people
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Old Spanish
(difficult, boring, impossible)
(easy to learn, cool, fun)
Como va?
(How's it going)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Bien y tu?
(Fine and yourself?)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Con gusto
(With pleasure)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte

(good or nice)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Yo quiero...
(I want)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
(He or she wants)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
(We want)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Yo te quiero
(I love you)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Very beautiful
(muy bello)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte

Fun Spanish nouns & verbs A-F | Fun Spanish nouns & verbs G - L
Fun Spanish nouns & verbs M - Q | Fun Spanish nouns & verbs R - Z


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Here are the phrases you'll learn in my book:
How's it going? • Fine and yourself? • Fine • With pleasure • My pleasure • Welcome • Good or nice • Yes • I must... • What do you say? • Not much, yourself? • What's new? • The good one • In a moment • A little bit • With me? • Can we?.. • Yes/No • That's great • Beautiful • Handsome • Happy • I know/I don't know • Comfortable • My friends • Where do you live? • Here? • Not here? • I'm drinking it • Also? With you? • As if... • I'd like... • Do you have?... • Delicious • I'm enjoying it • With cheese • Some water • With lemon • Drinks • Bacon • Chicken • Duck • Octopus • Sweet potato • Wine • I'm thirsty • Shrimp • Tuna • Asparagus • Pepper • Spinach • Who? • What? • Is it? • Are there? • Where? • How do you say? • How? • I don't know how. Remember you can combine or alter these phrases to create hundreds, if not thousands of new phrases.

There is no better product for learning Fun Spanish. I'm the only person in the world who replaces Spanish with English words. Replacing Spanish with English is a logical, easy and fun way to learn Spanish. Other methods use boring, endless lists of indirect object pronouns and intransitive verbs. Have you tried Berlitz, Inlingua, Rosetta Stone or any of the other methods? They're all the same - a waste of your money. Until now, there was no alternative. Now you have one in Fun Spanish.

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