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The book Philadelphians can't do without

If not, yizz may wanna getta holda my book. There's a sample chapter below.

Philly Funics is the greatest gift. For someone from here, someone visiting here, someone who moved far away and needs a taste of home. Maybe for a client in from out of town.

It's awesome for Christmas gifts, parties and gift baskets and is available at a discount for bulk purchases. See links to ebay below for discounts.

Lasts longer than a cheesesteak wit. Sits prettier than a Liberty Bell — and more functional. Let's teach the world how to speak like a proper Philadelphian. Wit or witout the boo's...

Philly Funics is available by mail order for $5.99 each. This includes postage and handling within the Continental United States. The mail order form is below the sample chapters.

Order 1 Philly Funics book with your credit card on ebay. Free Shipping to U.S. Only $5.99 each. Click here

Please fill out, print and mail this order form with your check or money order only.

Name ___________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________

City ______________________ State ________ Zip ______________

Check # __________________

Send money order only in US funds only to:
MIKE ELLIS, 1504 Briarwood Court
Phoenixville, PA 19460, Call with questions: 610-917-0587


# of Philly Funics books x $5.99 each

PA residents, please add 6% sales tax

Free Shipping to U.S.






Please allow for delivery

Spanish Slanguage
for Bank Tellers

Follow the arrow to the
Slanguage phrase. Say it
quickly and smoothly
with emphasis on the red word.
Listen to the sound byte.

Spanish Slanguage
is in use at Wells Fargo and other banks throughout America.

Click for the sound byte ---->

Click for the sound byte ---->

Click for the sound byte ---->
Spanish Slanguage for Bank Tellers. Available on Ebay. Only $5.99 each


Cone GOOSE Toe is Fun Spanish for "with pleasure." Emphasize the GOOSE. In Spanish, it's con gusto. Didn't know you could speak a foreign language? Try The Fun Spanish Booklet. It's a breakthrough for learning Spanish and will change your life. All ages love Fun Spanish. Only $5.99 and FREE SHIPPING to the U.S.

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