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Do you know the way to San Jowackyweed?

    Remake of popular song from the 60's

Governor Brown Star/Nose

    Take your pick

19th and Telegraph

    New home for OWS. Matter of time before they go down to peppa spray.


Night of the Living Unemployed

    Occupy Wallstreet riots


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R.I.P. Al Davis

    The revered and reviled Jewish owner of the Oakland Raiders

F$%^UCK the Niners

    Genius tshirt to wear if you wanna get yourself killed at a football game


Don't Touch My Junk

    Say no to porno scanners @ the airport

Queen Meg, EMeg & Nutmeg

    Some wealthy ebay chick running for governor

Attention Walmort Shoppers

    White people. Please leave the store.


    Like a tampon, only more expensive

Ride Tiger's Wood

    Coming soon to a movie theatre near you

Yurp, Grapes, Yurple

    Slang for purple (weed)

The Town, Gas Nation

    Official Oakland nicknames (Oaktown is for oldheads)

The Boys



    Wack. Garbage. JaMarcus Russell is hella bootsy.


    Pulled over by the Boys. See above.

Killing Fields

    The Flats. Flatland: East Oakland

Deep East Oakland

    Everything from 73rd - 106th Avenue

Middle East

    50th Avenue to 69th Avenue


    Beef, problems, feud

The North Pole

    North Oakland (excluding Rockridge)

The Polar Bear

    North Oakland native


    Short for stupid

Baby Bagdad

    West Oakland


    Acorn Village

Yeti, Yaper, Skrill, Fetti, Guap



    I don't know

Lower Bottoms

    Point Oakland/Prescott district of West Oakland


    I don't know


    Yuppies call it China Hill

Sem City

    Seminary Avenue


    Top of the 20's (the hills of 20's Aves)


    Bottom of the 20's (the flats of 20's Aves) The Murder Dubbs, The Twomps


    The 20's Streets in West Oakland from Manella to San Pablo Ave

Ghost Town

    The 30's in West Oakland from San Pablo to MLK


    Local nickname refers to all the locals growing and distributing "medical" weed

Rubber bullets and tasers

    Weapons the poe-lease will supposably not use anymore. Note that it doesn't say lead bullets.

The Chair Incident

    While our fans may be the only ones worse than Philadelphia fans, I don't think they deserve a chair on the head tossed by a Texas Ranger pitcher. Or maybe they do?...ha


    Local pronunciations of our fine city

da biggedy biggedy O

    Hip hop version of our town's nickname

Silver n' Black

    The Oakland Raiders

Chokeland Faders

    What to say at our stadium if you'd like to feel some pain...

Talk Like the Locals in Paris, France


Drummer boys

    Diehard A's fans that enjoy drumming loudly during baseball games


    The district east of Hwy 580 and north of Fruitvale Blvd.

South end

    Near international blvd., A.k.a. where people get shot

The Cher

    The Alameda County Sheriff Dept



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Fun Spanish is a breakthrough for learning Spanish

Find your phrase in the left column. Say the fun phrase in the middle column with emphasis on the RED word or object. That's all there is to directions for Fun Spanish. Crank up your computer's volume to really enjoy the sound bytes. Links to more phrases below.

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Old Spanish
(difficult, boring, impossible)
(easy to learn, cool, fun)
Como va?
(How's it going)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Bien y tu?
(Fine and yourself?)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Con gusto
(With pleasure)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte

(good or nice)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Yo quiero...
(I want)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
(He or she wants)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
(We want)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Yo te quiero
(I love you)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Very beautiful
(muy bello)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte

Fun Spanish nouns & verbs A-F | Fun Spanish nouns & verbs G - L
Fun Spanish nouns & verbs M - Q | Fun Spanish nouns & verbs R - Z


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My book is divided into 5 chapters: Greetings, Helpful Phrases, At the Restaurant, Questions and a Fun Puzzle. Fun Spanish is 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches, 24 pages with large, easy-to-read type, plenty of art and perfect for a trip or a lesson for students. You'll love teaching children with Fun Spanish. All ages love it. There's also a Fun Spanish puzzle in the back that you can play with friends or on a flight.

Hopefully, you can see how fun and easy learning Spanish is with Fun Spanish. Your friends, teachers, students and fellow travelers will be very impressed with your newly-found knowledge. Don't ever let anyone tell you that learning Spanish is hard, difficult or boring. With Fun Spanish, it's easy and fun. Gloria Cudia, from Rockford Park, IL, purchased Fun Spanish for The United Way and loves it for work and her grandchildren. "It's muy fun," she tells us. Thank you for your enthusiasm Gloria.

Here are the phrases you'll learn in my book:
How's it going? • Fine and yourself? • Fine • With pleasure • My pleasure • Welcome • Good or nice • Yes • I must... • What do you say? • Not much, yourself? • What's new? • The good one • In a moment • A little bit • With me? • Can we?.. • Yes/No • That's great • Beautiful • Handsome • Happy • I know/I don't know • Comfortable • My friends • Where do you live? • Here? • Not here? • I'm drinking it • Also? With you? • As if... • I'd like... • Do you have?... • Delicious • I'm enjoying it • With cheese • Some water • With lemon • Drinks • Bacon • Chicken • Duck • Octopus • Sweet potato • Wine • I'm thirsty • Shrimp • Tuna • Asparagus • Pepper • Spinach • Who? • What? • Is it? • Are there? • Where? • How do you say? • How? • I don't know how. Remember you can combine or alter these phrases to create hundreds, if not thousands of new phrases.

There is no better product for learning Fun Spanish. I'm the only person in the world who replaces Spanish with English words. Replacing Spanish with English is a logical, easy and fun way to learn Spanish. Other methods use boring, endless lists of indirect object pronouns and intransitive verbs. Have you tried Berlitz, Inlingua, Rosetta Stone or any of the other methods? They're all the same - a waste of your money. Until now, there was no alternative. Now you have one in Fun Spanish.

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Here's a picture of my daughter enjoying Fun Spanish. She's been speaking phrases in numerous languages since she was 2 years old (she's now 10) with the help of my fun method. I'd like to see every child enjoy and excel at languages like mine does.

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Mike Ellis
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