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Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, as seen on SpikeTV, is arguably one of the funniest shows on television. It's funnier than Seinfeld and combines the slapstick of the 3 Stooges.

Watch as the Japanese contestants compete in reality obstacle courses designed to hurt, maim and humiliate the participants. The only thing funnier than watching them hurt themselves is the dubbing of incorrect English over the Japanese hosts, Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano.

Below are phrases used by Ken and Vic as they narrate and comment on the happenings in the show. They are innuendos, double entendres and just ridiculous explanations of what is happening in the show. There are no definitions. Check out the show to see the real thing on SpikeTV. If you have a wacked sense of humor, you can use these phrases in your everyday slanguage. Always fun.

That's reclaimed blister fluid from the Red Adair Burn Unit

Al Sharpy

He specializes in camel toes

She gets hit in the face by more balls than Paris Hilton

What's your sign? Feces

Narcoleptic Lady of the evening

He crushed his cocktail nuts

He's getting a healthy fisting

Buck your brains out

Ku Klux Fran & Ollie

Queer eye for the dead guy

That's defrosted crime scene runoff from Jeffery Dahmer's freezer

Happy Hospice Makes Dying fun


Hellen Keller Lasik. The original blind date

Circle Jerkers Ahoy


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The engorged purple package

Easy bake creamation oven for kids


Dead Super model Claudia Stiffer

Gregory Pecker

That's runoff from Joe Brown's extra private chamber

That's defecation of character

Their condoms were filled with little pricks

As a model, she's used to taking it in the face

Skid Markers come in brown, yellow and burnt sienna

Urinaid. For athletes on the go

She's a telemarketing call girl

I'm coocoo for cocoa puffs

BM & M's

Heini-ken. Queen of beers

A double mahi mahi to a Rosy palm to a dirty lockdown

Cox a doodle doo

He's a hip-hop donor

That's wackin music

Full 90 degree fisterton

Chaka Coen

He's an Earwax Fruit Sculpter

I'm gonna insure my nards

Pick the wrong hole and you draw mud

Total Cluster Muck

A Classic Double Penetration

My bile's coming up

His hobbies include picking open sores and he enjoys sidewalk gum.

Ass-bestos gloves

Tickle my uvula

I'm nucking futs

He pre-odorizes athletic shoes. Cheese or dead squirrel

Pinch a loafers

Do you feel a draft? No, it's your coccyx

Gidget LeDouche

His hobby is pouring salt on snails

She's a self-absorbed depressed cheerleader

A double lead bung hole corker

Check me for flies

He loses not 1, not 2, but 3 nards

Face down in the mound

She teaches scrapbooking to the homeless

Official backshaver of the Miss Kazikastan beauty pageant

She's the only female popemobile driver

Special Ed forces

She won the Jergens contest by picking herself up like a bowling ball

She's a chubby girl pageant winner

Just put it anywhere

Leaping capri

Double-kneed gnob gobbler

Jihad Joe


Gives Incontinent senior sponge baths

A dangerous overhead camel toe

He's a pube-a-fobe. He's afraid of short people with dark, curly hair

I'm gonna puke. Indeed.

Make it rock hard

Shove it skipper

I feel fresh


Wibbidaut University

The Nards of Doom

Light a Match

Maria Penisovich

I get bigger when you void I'm Hank the Happy Hemmoroid

I'm large and in charge

She took one to the package

Super Ball Man

Those are hot tub skimmings from the transsexual Singles Club

I shoot blanks

Pee Shooter 5000

Helen Keller Lasik. The original blind date

Barney Babaganushe

Martha King Jr. She had a dream

Golden Shower Boy

It's Blow Hole-a-licious

Spank my inner thigh


Rapper 59 cent

Bestial Ligamist

He's a Urinal Cake Eater

Piss n Boot

Stare deep into my brown eye

She's a skank yanker

They make fish-hook baby gum

Stinkin Logs & Tinkle Toys

Lo Jack and Jill for children

He's addicted to expired dairy products

He donated his vasdeferens. That takes balls. Indeed

Mine-numbing, back breaking log drop

I know that smell. It's horse urine

You just wiped a boogie on Guy's back. Guy like.

We should marry rich chicks like Kerry

Lesbians for Bush

John Kerry looks like Herman Munster

Bobbaganouche for Bush

Pie a la commode

He gets high eating women's underwear. He's a thongoloid.

Spread eagle fugitive to a reverse cavity search

He pre-chews pretzels for the president

A sodomite skip to a sassy sitter to a straddling Louganis

Those are presidential flushings from Air Force 1. Good stuff Ken

That's Good Jerking Ken. Indeed!!

SCABBIES. The Peal & Eat Candy Treat

FIST & CUFFS. The First Magazine for Gay Boxers

I smell thong burning

Maker of Harpoon Tang

She's Spunkalicious

Full Bottom Cheek Check

Daddy's coming

You looking at my Mommy bags?

He tore his third leg hamstring

Lipo Suction drippings from the Beverly Hills Suck Hut

Floats like a butterfly, stinks like pee

Cookies le Douche

Dirty Balls Don't Scare Me

If you sit on it, it better be clean

Taco on a Stick

He Butt Dusted Him!

Full Facial Swabbing

Excellent Use of His Applicator

Motel 69. Hotel for the world's oldest profession. We'll leave the red light on for you

Snickety Snatch and Grab
He Overprojaculates himself into a buffalo pie

Speaking of popular excretions...

Groinus Omigodus

Don't Get Eliminated

There's blood in my stool

He eats Slim Jims and farts all day

Talk Like the Locals in Paris, France


Salty Nut Baggers

Tour de Grand Pricks

Spin the Colostomy Bag for Frisky Seniors

She's a Whore Wrangler at the Fancy Skank Ranch. All you can eat Sundays - One Flavor

Thrust or Bust

Coccyx Shock Syndrome

Organ Exchange Exchange Student

Mini Fister to a Flying Capri

Sister Squat to a Girly Gurny

Lead Paint Addict

Thong Thursday

Twisty McFisty

Grinder in the Mouth

He Colostomized Himself


Loogie Lagoon
Trying for a Dirty Nurse

Naughty Magdeleine

Dirty Balls Don't Scare Me


Reaching Dangler

I Like Dark Meat

Full Scary Uncle

Bud a Bump Bump

An Obituary Humorist

He Flavors Lead Paint

I like the Tuna-Apple Flavor. Me too.

Flying Capri

Sperm Bank Loan Officer

Sneeze Guard Scraper

A Proctologist for the Morbidly Obese

Don't Ask. Don't Tell. See You at the Parade.

Work down there without a care. Ahhhh. Cundiments

Right you are, Ken. Indeed

Let's Listen to the Bones Crack



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