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Courtside Karen and Ol' Steroid Ass

    2 of Lebron's friends


Do you know the way to San Jowackyweed?

    Remake of popular song from the 60's


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Governor Brown Star/Nose

    Take your pick

Full Crack House

    Full House TV Show Reunion. Those twins are gross.

A Head in a Bag

    Random thing found near the Hollywood sign.

Dummy Moore

    Old actress that can't/won't grow up.



    Fathered the Kardashians

Byebye Loser Palooza

    Go occupy somewhere else you smelly, unemployed losers.

Shootin and beatin and peppa sprayin

    Black Friday Los Angeles style

The Sperminator

    Our Governor. Rumor is he's hornier than Tiger. We'll see...

Fuc*ing Faggot

    Kobe's vocabulary



    Local, professional basketball player.


    Evil Kardashian empire of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney

Queen Meg, EMeg & Nutmeg

    Some wealthy, fat ebay chick running for governor


    Could be confused with coccaine according to Paris Hilton

Gay Marriage

    Nothing wrong with it. As long as the man is gay & the woman is gay...

RIP Gary Coleman

    May his parents burn in hell some day for stealing all his money. And for old times sake, "Whatchu tawkin bout Willis?"

Porn Star

    Lindsay Lohan's new occupation.

Attention Walmort Shoppers

    White people. Please leave the store.

Watch LA's greatest movie hits

Milkaholic Lindsay

    Substance abuser Lindsey Lohan's dopey, $100 million lawsuit against E*Trade

We Are the Worms

    Some lame song they're redoing for Haiti

CarlyFiorina Dreaming

    Retarded, Republican running for U.S. Senate. Disturbingly fond of sheep.


    Like a tampon, only more expensive

Jessica Simpson

    The latest alleged rider of Tiger's Woody. You go reverse cowgirl!

Ride Tiger's Wood

    Coming soon to a movie theatre near you


    One of our awesome, local, medical marijuana dispensaries. With a name like that, it must be!


    Piece o crap movie director who is a convicted rapist/pedophile/sodomizer. Do unto him as he did to little girls. Fry him too.

Hasta La Manny, Baby

    Byebye Manny Ramirez. Los Angeles Dodgers baseball player/steroid abuser. The Phillies are gonna crush you losers wit or witout him. "My doctor gave them to me." Please.

Punch, Bite, Strangle and threaten to kill her

    What Chris Brown did to Rhianna before she reunited with him. Don't let your daughters grow up to be an actress unless you want to see them beaten or dead.


    Some idiotic chick who had 6 kids by artificial insemination and now just had another 8 by the same method. Oh and they're foreclosing on their house, but nobody cares. Your tax money will pay for them. Don't worry.

I've always wanted to blow Adolph Hitler

    Tom Cruise quote. What a dope


Obama is our first colored president

    Spoken by idiot/lesbian Lindsay Lohan. It's not 1965 ya know

Here's the story about Marcia Brady
Who would ride your johnson for a hit of blow
If yer lucky, a little menage a twat
With Cindy or Jan, but please not Alice, oh no...

O Jail

    Bye bye forever Orenthal James Simpson/murderer

Lindsey Lohan is a liquor

    Which isn't a bad thing if her new girlfriend was hot. Gross.

Bong Hits

    What Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger used to enjoy with Cheech and Chong. Hopefully, he still does. Legalize it Guv!

Dirty Sanchez

    USC QB Mark Sanchez

Man Ram

    Welcome new Dodger, Manny Ramirez


    Britney's ex who Paris Hilton happens to be riding.

I love Adolph Hitler

    Will Smith quote

I want my stuff. I want my stuff. Don't let nobody out of here

    What OJ didn't say at the robbery that didn't happen


    Number of misdemeanors that Lindsey Lohan was recently charged with. That's 5 plus 3, ya know.


    What Britney Spears is. Get me that video dude!

I'm innocent

    Sayeth Lindsey Lohan. That wasn't my coke in my pocket!


    Britney Spears loser ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

Pitt and Jolie to sell baby

    Did I forget to say photo? Sue me.


    Tom Cruise's planned entree after the birth of their child.

    "Hi. I'm Brittany Spears, driving my baby without a carseat. And then my baby fell off his high chair and wacked his dome on the floor. Just a concussion. So we waited 6 days to go to the hospital. So the Department of Children and Family Services has been to visit us twice. They visit us frequently. Yay!"


    Love duo of Heather Locklear and David Spade. I think Spade made this up as I heard it on his show. Hats off to a man who can poke fun at himself like this. Plus you know his unit is huge, dawg!

Meet Deputy Lou Ferigno--->

    Lost Angel's newest law enforcement personnel. Arf arf

Cookies & felatio

    What perfect-skank Paris Hilton served to police officers who served her with a subpoena for witness to a murder

Britney Spears baby

    You seen it first on slanguage. Oh, please don't sue me, Britney. I really respect someone like yourself who pimps out photos of their kid to the highest bidder. Whore


    Tom Cruise's new website. Is he the biggest jitbag in Hollyweird or what???

The Emerald Triangle

    Area of Humboldt, Mendocino & Trinity Counties. There one will find the best marijuana in the country growing. Just don't go hiking or camping there unless you're interested in engaging armed Mexicans guarding this booty. Rock on Cheech & Chong!

Man of the Year

    Jennifer Aniston

Like Crap

    How Paris Hilton treats her dog Tinkerbell.

Close the Borders

    What Guvna Arnold said to do. "Close them all across Mexico and the United States. Way to go Ahhhhnold.


Sushi Nazi

    Local chef Nozawa at Sushi Nozawa has earned this nickname. Go to his restaurant and criticize his food to see how he earned it.

Meathead vs. Terminator

    Rob Reiner, of All in the Family fame, plans to run for governor in 2006 against the Governator himself, Ahhhhnold.

Girly Men

    What our gubner Arnie called them wimpy Dems for shooting down his budget.


    What Hollywood is

For some fun, here's a skit some students created using slanguage, losangeles skit.html

S&M Boulevard

    Santa Monica Boulevard

University of Spoiled Children

    Local college

Orange Crush

    Intersection of Interstate 5 with 22 & 57


    Traffic jam

Go Wood

    Going Hollywood in attitude

The Hills

    Rich areas of southern CA

Pea Doc


Gone Richter

    Became Angry

No Hoe

    Northern Hollywood


    Santa Monica


    Smoke + Fog

The Five

Interstate 5

Slimey Valley

Another name for Simi Valley

Behind the Orange Curtain

Living in Orange County

Fruit & Nut run

A flight into Los Angeles


Pacific Coast Highway

3 B's

Bel Air, Brentwood, Beverly Hills


Nice L.A. neighborhood with a strict homeowner's association


What? (Often used in a take)

They Live in P V

Exclusive area in the South Bay area

The Boo

Malibu to locals

Shake and Bake

Earthquake on a hot day


Gone out of control

Talk Like the Locals in Paris, France



Not good

Learn about California and L.A.

Silicone Beach

Playa del Rey/Venice area

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Old Spanish
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Como va?
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Bien y tu?
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Con gusto
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(good or nice)

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Yo quiero...
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(He or she wants)

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(We want)

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Yo te quiero
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Very beautiful
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