A great guide to terms and meanings in land based casinos

If you're heading to a land based casino, and you want to prepare before you go, it might be worth looking at the different terms and slang that are used across different casino games. There are plenty of different things that you can do to prepare before you go, but if you're a complete novice to the casino, then knowing what everybody is saying and talking about, and knowing what you should say when you make a decision is important. Even the simplest of casino games such as the slots have their own terminology. Fortunately for you, to make things a little bit easier, we've put together a quick guide on some of the terms and meanings behind certain games at the casino.

Slot Machines

    Although slot machines are deemed to be the simplest of casino games, they do have their own terminology that you should know before you try them.


    Slot machines will have either a spin button or a pull lever. When you either click the spin button or pull the lever, the reels will spin repeatedly until they stop on either a winning or losing payline.


    The line which determines whether you have won or lost on a slot machine. Some slot machines have multiple paylines, and others have just one. A payline could be a horizontal line of matching symbols, or a number of different lines including diagonal or trapezium shaped.

Bet Max

    When you click bet max, you will bet the maximum amount the machine will allow with every spin.

Bet Min

    Is the opposite of bet max and will bet the minimum amount the machine will allow with every spin.



    When you hit, this means that you want another card from the dealer. You don't always have to say this, you can gently tap the table layout with your hand instead.


    This is the opposite of hit, and it is used when you don't want another card from the dealer and are happy with the hand that you have.


    You bust when the total value of the cards in your hand goes over 21.


    This is a side bet that more advanced players will use, and is generally made when the dealer shows an ace as their upcard, and the player thinks that they may have a blackjack. If the dealer does, there is a pay off at 2 to 1, and if they do not the side bet is lost and normal play will continue.

Double Down

    Doubling down is when you request just one more card and you no longer want anymore. This is done by more advanced players, and if you are to win the game after you double down, you will receive double their original bet, increasing their winnings. Casinos will identify when or what two cards may be doubled down.

Splitting Cards

    Players can split their cards when they have two cards with identical value. This will allow them to create two separate hands, with a bet on both.


    Once you've been through our list of casino terms and meanings for slot machines and blackjack, you might feel like you're ready to hit the casino and know what you're doing. However, if you want something a little more comprehensive, you can look to guides like the Ladbrokes Casino Periodic Table, to give you more in-depth knowledge on more casino games. Once you know the terminology, you'll be well on your way to hitting the casino and taking the winnings.


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