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I was hiking. No I was in Argentina banging a chiquita

    South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. Arf Arf


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Sheriff Leon Lott

    Local Dick of the Year. Get out of Michael Phelp's ass. And go arrest Obama. He smoked weed and crack. Towering a-hole.


    Local pronunciation of our fair town. Where the Cooper and Ashley Rivers meet to form the Atlantic Ocean.

The Holy City

    Local nickname. So named for all of the steeples visible on the skyline


    What Charlestonians call North Charleston, an adjoining city.

Palmetto Bugs

    The giant cockroaches found everywhere..

El Sid

    The Citadel, The Military College of SC


    The students at The Citadel the Military College of SC


    Any carbonated beverage

Bald P-nuts

    Boiled peanuts, a local favorite snack



    Shrimp. Or maybe Skrimp

Vandross Street

    Vanderhorst Street



Porch or perch

From Off

    Anyone not from Charleston


    Those people who live South of Broad Street, a rather prestigious address


    Those people who live Slightly North of Broad Street, almost as prestigious

Dung Diapers

    The sacks worn by tourist carriage pulling horses that catch their excrement


    Rude and ignorant tourists who overun the city each year for the Spoleto Festival, an international arts festival.


    Locals and respectful tourists enjoying the Spoleto events.

Talk Like the Locals in Paris, France


The Shag

    Our official state dance (Much to the amusement of Brits!)

College A Knowledge

    The College of Charleston

The Garage Mahal

    Our fabulously appointed multi-million dollar parking garage complete with fountain and courtyard.

Little Joe

    Our mayor, Joseph P. Riley Jr

The Joe

    The ballpark named for our mayor, where the Riverdogs play

The Slave Market

    What tourists call the old City Market although nary a soul was bought or sold there.

The Ticket Mafia

    Our fleet of overzealous meter maids

The College Ghetto

    The neighborhoods surrounding the woefully under-dormed College of Charleston


    Refers to something destroyed or damaged in Hurricane Hugo in 1989.


    Sorority Gal

Fried Okra

    A deep fried vegetable apparently only found in the South


    Iced Tea with LOTS of sugar

Butta Beans

    What the rest of the world calls tiny green lima beans

Newsless Courier

    Our local paper the Post and Courier, it used to be officially called the News and Courier, the old nickname, still apt, stuck.

The Recent Unpleasantness

    The Civil War, what we call The War Between the States

The Redneck Riviera

    Myrtle Beach SC.

She Crab Soup

    A rich creamy soup made with fresh crab meat and crab roe, topped with a bit of sherry.

Red Rice

    A wonderful tomatoey rice dish. Often served with fried chicken

The Washout

    A popular surf spot on Folly Beach

The Old Root and Shoot

    A long closed gay bar actually named The Garden and Gun

Chicken Bog

    A Southern Dish that is composed of pieces of cooked chicken that are first boiled and then cooked with white rice and chicken broth--delicious!



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Old Spanish
(difficult, boring, impossible)
(easy to learn, cool, fun)
Como va?
(How's it going)

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Bien y tu?
(Fine and yourself?)

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Con gusto
(With pleasure)

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(good or nice)

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Yo quiero...
(I want)

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(He or she wants)

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(We want)

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Yo te quiero
(I love you)

< - - - - Click here to hear the sound byte
Very beautiful
(muy bello)

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