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    Mackus Smatt, Celtics player

Ho Fo

    Celtics former center Al Horford now on the Phithydumpya 76ers.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles

    The new owner of the New England Patriots.

E - A - G - L - E - S

    Eagles were NFL Champs!!!!


    Local garden snake


    Patriot's dirtball QB

MACK Is Smat

    Local pronunciation for Celtic's first round draft pick

Flyin Pineapple

    RedSox outfielder Shane Victorino

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I think of all Harvard men as sissies

    What F. Scott Fitzgerald said

Erqib Terlib

    Local pronuciation for Boston professional athlete Aqub Talib

Gawd Ziller

    Terrorized Tokyo in the movies

Star Mangled Banner

    What Steven Tyler sang at the Super Bowl

We Love Chick Fil-A

    Stick it and eat it whoever our mayor is


    Brady's bigmouth chick

Shootin and beatin & peppa sprayin

    Black Friday Boston Style


Byebye Fat Albert

    Is Ochostinko next?

    Playin SuperMario, chuggin brews, fightin over KFC menus and eatin Popeye's chicken kept the Redsox busy while they failed.
Drink early

    Tom Brady's advice to all football fans attending the game.


Fat Albert & OchoStinko

    2 new Patriots for Belichick to deal with.
Buck Foston

    How New Yawkus feel about us.
Sinkers and Floaters

    When a woman drowns in a public pool that is so cloudy you can't see the bottom, the body sinks. After the body has been in the pool for 2 days, it floats. Any questions?

    Yes. Was the lifeguard Casey Anthony?
Himmer Layers

    Some big mountain range overseas somewheres.
Don't Touch My Junk

    Say no to porno scanners @ the airport.

2004 Yankees

    What our Bruins became when they lost their 4th in a row to the Flyers on Friday. We stink.

Attention Walmat Shoppers

    White people. Please leave the store.


    Like a tampon, only more expensive

Democraps Lost. Democraps Lost.

    There's a, era, Republitard in Kennedy's seat. Next time, don't call a Redsox playa a Yankee fan and maybe you'll win. Douche.

How ah yah?

Ride Tiger's Wood

    Coming soon to a movie theatre near you

Artificially Big Papi

    New nickname for Red Sox player David Ortiz on steroids.


    How President Obama describes how our police act

a lamb

    That to which fire fighters respond


    Plural of boner

Bawney Fwank

    Our pronunciation for a local, queer politician Barney Frank.

If it's not Tom Brady, it shouldn't be that hard

    Accurate quote made by Dolphin's Joey Porter

18 and 2

    Record of our lame Patriots. haha


    Local pronunciation for carnival employees


    Coach of our video-stealing New England Patriots

Big PAW Pee

    David Ortiz's moniker pronounced as only the locals can. (Big Poppy)

Punkin Man

    Some local, loser child molester that should spend the rest of his life in jail


    Simultaneous combination of notes in a chord (era, harmony)


    Not a band from the 70's, but a wooden device that supports your grape vines (arbor)

Big Puddle

    What has become of our $14.6 billion scam called the Big Dig. Led by the pork king himself, Ted Kennedy.

Proper Gander

    Hearsay often distributed by the likes of Michael Moore and Whoopi Goldberg

Day Toner

    Gigantic NASCAR race in Florida (Daytona)

adorns the musuem walls

R.I.P. Julia Child

    Bon appetit in heaven


    Local pronunciation for a large primate

Talk Like the Locals in Paris, France

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    Emphasize the GNAW. Bostonese for Normie. Often overheard on Cheers.


    A period of time OR

    What we say in the beginning, middle and end of every sentence.

    Era, boy Gawd, the era, Kennedy's there, era, wicked pissa, era pack yer cah...


    Length x Width

Chowda Heads

    Us local inhabitants of Boston


Moniker & Collar

    2 women named Monica and Carla

Pete Sir

    Most say pizza


    A tourist attraction in St. Louis


    You buy milk in it (carton)

The T

    Boston subway


    Last year of school


    An excellent motorcycle

Budded Con

    Corn on the cob with butter


    A purple dinosaur you probably detest


    Letter between q and s

He Has A Cap On

    He has a fish on his head


    Opposite of small (large)


    Sandwich bun

Bah Rum

    Bar room

Wicked Boah

    A not-so-interesting person


    Someone from South Boston


    He cuts your hair

Bub Bluh

    Water fountain to most


    Opposite of even

Ann Tenor

    Transmits radio waves to your car


    Start your car with them

Pita is a Cheetah

    Peter cheated on this test


    Ma and Pa convenience store


    Our basketball team


    Car's blinkers

The Hub

    The world revolves around here


    Opposite of soft

Tea Potty

    Precursor to American Revolution


    Wood boards that cover many houses here

Lemon Stir

    Leominster, Mass


    Month between Feb and April

Foddy DOLL Us

    $39.99 plus one cent

How Ah Ya?

    Boston Greeting


    Our famous University


    Small cup of ice cream

Wicked Spooney

    Something very cool


    Pieces to your kids toys


    Buy liquor or 6 pack there

Boy Gawd

    By God


    Milkshake to most

Had Licka

    Gets you drunk fast


    Italian sub sandwich (from spucadella)

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Old Spanish
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Como va?
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Bien y tu?
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Con gusto
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(good or nice)

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Yo quiero...
(I want)

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(He or she wants)

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(We want)

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Yo te quiero
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Very beautiful
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