Learning a new language is a quest that can be achieved successfully as long as determination and the right tools are in place. One has to make out time and be deliberate about this goal as there are many tools that can help in its actualization.

    Games are one of the tools that can help folks to learn new languages and they offer an alternative means to achieve this, alongside presenting fun to the patronizing learner.

    There are loads of games out there that can help folks become abreast with a new language from scratch. However, all these games are different in terms of what they offer with regard to ease of learning and entertainment offered.

    Regardless, a good language game should motivate the user towards speaking, listening, reading, writing, and enhance the user's vocabulary of the language in question. That being said, here are some top-notch language games that can help you learn a new language.


    Duolingo offers native English speakers 16 languages that they can learn, albeit with the exception of Chinese and Japanese. Regardless, folks who are well versed in Asian languages can also use the app to learn English and other languages.

    Duolingo comes with a game design that is fascinating and designed to see users unlock new categories as they progress in their learning adventure. It focuses on the use of spelling, visual queues, speech, translations, and multiple-choice to learn languages via various games on offer.

    With Duolingo, you can also play with friends and relate with them as you learn new languages.


    This is a language learning platform where you can learn 14 languages including the likes of Russian, Indonesian, and Danish amongst others. However, the Japanese and Chinese languages aren't available.

    The app is designed to teach grammar, pronunciation skills, and vocabulary. These are pointers that the app has a speech recognition feature. Speaking about apps, Casimba casino is one website that offers folks a variety of games that will help them to become professionals in the casino gaming industry. Their reputation precedes them.

    Babbel adopts a very direct approach in its language teaching module and does this via several mediums. This is ideal for folks who want a 'less gamey' and 'more practice' environment.


    Do well to take note of this app. They were awarded as the best education app of the year due to their game design. The design is such that there are smaller mini-games which also offer you different ways to learn a language.

    Mindsnacks currently has seven languages on offer such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian.The aforementioned mini-games involve correct spellings, recognition of correct definitions, visual, spotting of cognition errors, amongst other modes of teaching.

    The aforementioned apps are among the best for folks who are interested in learning a new language. If you're in this category, then give the apps on the list a try.


    This is the second mention on the list that includes Japanese and Chinese languages, alongside Korean, Arabic, and Thai. Bravelol is home to learning apps for 17 languages. It deploys the mode of greetings, romance, and weather to teach users.

    Users get to learn via visual recognition, problem-solving activities, as well as spelling and pronunciation. The game offers you the feature of hearing your own voice as you pronounce and then compare it to the native speaker. Furthermore, Bravelol has dictionary apps on offer for users as well as two Chinese-oriented apps known as Financial Chinese and Business Chinese.

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