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This blog was created to help faciliate communication in PASD with a goal of better education, fiscal spending & improved property values.

To send an email, comment or question, click here. You may post anonymously or with your own name as long as it is factual and acceptable.

PASD Bond Ratings

PASD bond ratings remain strong, but the bond-rating agency has warned pasd that continued dipping into reserves will result in lower bond ratings.

Board Norms

Did our elected school board directors give away their First Amendment rights? When was this publicly discussed?

Why is an elected school board director sharing confidential, financial information??


A quick waste of $1.2 million and then wait for your return in 29 years.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Happy Hannakuh and Happy Kwanzaa too.

Middle School Rumors Squashed

In spite of persistent rumors that the high school students will take gym classes in the new middle school, Dr. Fegley has informed me that this is untrue.

As with all visitors, HS students will need to follow the procedures for building security. During the day, there will be one monitored avenue for entrance to the building – through the school office – for all. Safety of the students is paramount.

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28% of Students Send Sexting Messages

So do parents never check their kids' phones or do 28% of parents check their kids' phones and ignore the sexting? Worst case is it's possession of child pornography.

Click here for story

Teacher of the year fired

It's all about seniority, not success.

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Total salaries for fulltime library employees in 2011 according to rtk request. This does not include part time employees.

In light of the findings that the Carnegie agreement does not include financial support for the library, smart guess is the library will be self sufficient in 5 years.

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Congratulations Phantoms, Cheerleaders, Students & Phoenixville!!!

We're all proud of our football team and their accomplishments this year!!

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Due to the administration's concerns about losing education time, the "i-can-beat-what-you-did-for-a-party competition" and the concern over food allegies, all foods have been banned from kindergarten and elementary school parties.

Judging by the public's comments here and in the Patch, couldn't the admin have given the taxpayer a courtesy flush and reached out to us or the schoolboard for feedback before making such a terrible decision?
Click here for Patch article.

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Anonymous said
Political correctness run amok by a bunch of liberal, elitist Socialists.

Anonymous said
Stalingrad Elementary.

Good luck Gini Salava

Everybody loves you. You'll be missed.

New School in East Pikeland

If you don't want your children taught in trailers, come to the meeting on June 6 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. If you're a neighbor and are concerned about runoff and traffic issues, you come on down too.

It will likely be held in the East Pikeland Township Administration Building, as the fire hall is booked that evening.

If they don't build it, you can expect a nursing home or 21 homes instead.

Notes from April 27th township meeting
Click here to view the notes

Anonymous said
Put the nursing home on the dump!! Get some use out of it.

Anonymous said

What nursing home wants to be next to a noisy school??

Anonymous said

There is a possibility of trailers. I think the biggest frustration to me is that 2 years ago parents were furious that PASD would consider building a building on a dump.... now that they have a viable solution, people are not willing to come out and support it. There is a good possiblity that 17 neighbors called the "East Pikeland Coalition" will slow down the process and possibly influence the Commission to vote NO. That is the big issue.

Anonymous said

If you think that PASD is spending too much of your money now it will be tripled if we lose this school plan.. AND do we really need another Assisted Living facility or 19 single family homes on the property?
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Ads on PASD School buses, buildings and roofs?

More schools are advertising on buses, buildings and roofs. Now is the time to generate revenue to help halt tax increases. Not 3 years from now as Dr. Fegley said he'd like to wait in a recent meeting.

Click here to see how other school districts are generating revenue. $500,000!!

Click here to email or comment.

No More School Buses?

Overheard at a recent school board meeting was a mention of eliminating school buses next year to save $2 million. Plan on attending the budget meeting on Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM in the high school cafeteria to discuss.

Click here to see how other school districts are generating $500,000.

Congratulations to the cast, pitband and crew of the show Annie Jr.

Outstanding performances were turned in by Julia Richter, Donnie Jackson and the entire cast.

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Congratulations to PAMS Cheerleading Squad

They won 1st place at Kedron Regional Cheerleading Classic. Also got best overall stunting. Good job ladies!

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PASD Admin is Hiring!

Grant Writer is the first position and the 2nd position is an Assessor who will help PASD come in under budget on a 3-year contract.

Do we really need more bloated administrative positions? 4.4% tax increase plus this? Doesn't PCEF handle grant writing and this should be their hire?

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Anonymous said

Why can't the borough hire a cop instead of pasd hiring another administrator?

Anonymous said

I believe a grant writer is exactly what PASD needs. I look at a grant writer as a person that is a "Treasure seeker". Just this year alone, I have found thousands of dollars (literally) in grants. Unfortunately many of the grants I have tried to get for East Pikeland must be filled out by PASD teachers or administration. It is not a few pages and it takes time and energy. These employees are already bombarded with paperwork and are trying to keep up with the needs of their classrooms.

As far as PCEF, they do not see themselves as "grant writers". They give grants, but their staff is limited.

Some areas that I believe PASD could get a grant:
1. The green roof/educational space proposed in the new East Pikeland bldg.
2. Lowes offers thousands of dollars towards playgrounds and hardscapes.
3. Mascaro, the trash Co. offers 5,000 given towards schools that come up with a respect program.
4. Target gives money for buses for field trips (this year our teachers couldn't get one b/c they waited too long)

Thank you Paul

The taxpayers appreciate the fact that you were the only board member to say no to a huge tax increase. What happened to fiscal responsibility? What happened to the board members who ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility and have consistently rubber stamped everything with a yes?

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Anonymous said

By state law the board has to have a preliminary budget by the middle of Feb. The board is having many budget meetings over the next few months (the public is invited to all and their input will be considered).

Methacton teachers secure 14% raise in new contract

Plus Methacton teachers pay zero for their healthcare then 10% ($100 bucks/month?) after 2 years. PASD teachers are awesome, but we can't afford raises and perks like that.

Remember, $27,000 is the annual cost of each teachers and admin's insurance, fully funded by the taxpayer.

Recommendation is to reach out to your school board and discuss. Remember Social Security recipients receive 0% raise again this year. Click here to email or comment.

Anonymous said
It was reported in the local paper that there will be a 0% INCREASE in their healthcare in the first 2 years of their contract.

Act93 Update

I'm informed the Cost of Living Adjustment will be zero as it should've been last year. This is one small step forward. Preliminary budget for 2011-2012 shows zero raises for admin.

Salaries click here.

PASD secures $26 million loan for turf fields and school

The loan is for 20 years with an interest rate starting at 2% with a max of 4%. PASD credit rating was recently upgraded from Aa- (which is good) to Aa2 (which is better). Based on that good credit rating, the buyer did not require bond insurance, which saved PASD $100,000. Click here to email or comment.

Congratulations to Phoenixville Area High School Robotics Team

For winning the Pennsylvania State Robotics Championship

Congratulations Phoenixville Latin Teacher Nicole Curry

Best of Philly Schools teacher

Welcome to our new Superintendant

Dr. Allan Fegley, 484-927-5010,

Schuylkill Elementary Update

While it's sad to see an old building go away, it was definitely time for Schuylkill Elementary to go to old building heaven.

An agreement is in place between pasd and Schuylkill township to demolish the landmark. A memorial wall and other features will be created from the stone and the cupola to memorialize the building.


To Debbie Dawson, the Building & Grounds Committee, faculty and all those involved in breaking ground for the new middle school.

One Step Forward. Two Steps Backwards

In a failed attempt to manipulate the taxpayer, Dr. Stevenson took back a small percentage of the admin's merit raises. No merit raises were ever deserved since they did not improve the overall program when they killed Spanish.

Her admin is still happily taking a 3% cost of living increase in spite of the fact that the Social Security increase this year was 0%. The first 0% increase since 1975.

There are over 300 houses in bankruptcy in Phoenixville. By taking a 3% cost of living increase when they've gotten zero, you've just insulted the taxpayer yet again. Have you spoken to one senior citizen about this? I can't imagine you have.

When will this lunacy end? When you hand out zero raises, be a hero and rescue Spanish with that $200,000. Why do you think we're so stupid? You're raising taxes to kill Spanish and fund your raises.

In addition to a selfish superintendant, blame can be shared equally by all. While this blog helped pressure Dr. Stevenson into giving back 50k, why didn't any taxpayers or board members step up and stop this nonsense before they killed Spanish to finance their raises? We're all to blame!

Call Dr. Stevenson @ 484-927-5010 and ask when will the insults end? How many senior citizens will lose their houses because she had to give out raises again? 15 years of raises is not enough for her admin. We can't take it anymore.

The devil carries a Louis Vitton handbag

What a slap in the face by the pasd admin delivered to the taxpayer at the Workshop Meeting.

Not one board member or taxpayer questioned what Dr. Stevenson plans on doing with the planned $200k in raises for her admin while she was busy killing our Spanish programs.

That $200k is more than enough to keep World Languages alive for another year.

Dr. Stevenson previously mentioned insurance costs are up 30%. She failed to mention her admin said at a budget meeting they didn't feel like getting new quotes. I'm sure they could've attempted to get new insurance quotes and saved money to keep Spanish. But they didn't even bother trying so we lose.

Too bad for the taxpayer. Too bad for anyone who enjoys Spanish. How insulting.

Anonymous said
Mr. Slaninka. 2 years ago, you stepped up and shot down the former superintendant's Kimberton Elementary School on a dump. We were very proud of you for doing so.

At yesterday's meeting, you kept saying "this is the admin's recommendation." Why the change? When did you start rubber stamping bad ideas? Why couldn't you question the admin's raise?

Anonymous said
Public Education at its very, very worst.

Anonymous said
I cannot even begin to report how disgusted I am in the school board at this moment.

In a 5-4 vote to kill world language, world language was killed.
In a 7-2 vote to kill Spanish Immersion, Spanish Immersion was killed.

The school board members said things like - we have to go with what the administration recommends (because apparently we vote them into office to sit and rubber stamp the administrations decisions?) It was horrible! Person after person got up and told them not to cut either program.

Only one person spoke in favor of the cuts and that was only because his second grader that moved into the district could not join the Spanish Immersion program and because the program is limited so not everyone who wants it can get it.

The decision was made before we even got there.

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Adios Spanish

With the exception of Josh Gould, the curriculum committe made some of the stupidest decisions we've seen or heard in a long time.

Why does the committee confuse cutting student programs with cutting costs of bloated admin?

They voted to cut World Languages to save $150k. Nobody mentioned the administration is expecting raises totalling $200k.

Dr. Stevenson mentioned insurance costs are up 30%. She failed to mention her admin said at a budget meeting they didn't feel like getting new quotes. Too bad for the taxpayer. How insulting.

Why is this such a drawn-out affair? We've been asking the Superintendant for weeks to forego their raises and rescue Spanish.

I'm told the Superintendant will address the raises at the Board meeting, but to listen to what and how she says it. This implies she'll be spinning and won't be telling the truth. If they kill Spanish tomorrow then the admin gets a 5% raise, the damage is done.

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Non Compos mentis: Latin for can not grasp the meaning or the context of life as it is in 2010

Can this be verified? If so, sounds like time for a change

It is my understanding that the current cafeteria vendors contract is about to expire.

The Board should look into hiring a different company to provide these services. The current vendors prices are to high. At $2.60 a day for lunch a family with two kids pays $104 a month. The food is not that good and a lot of kids end up eating junk like cookies and pretzels.

The staff in at PAMS room has a soda machine that costs .65 The vendors machine charges 1.25

The company also practices questionable business practices. There have been times when the district has purchased food and leftovers have been resold to students.

They take advantage of the district by using district supplied manpower. This is not the type of partner the taxpayers of Phoenixville deserve.

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Overheard at a recent PASD Budget Meeting

Taxpayer: Wow. According to pending budget, benefit costs are increasing 27%. Most people get new quotes when their insurance goes up. Won't PASD get new quotes?

Business Manager: That would require Request for Proposals. The answer is no.

Why get new quotes when the cost can get passed on to the taxpayer in higher taxes?

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The Results Are In!

After 3 right-to-know requests, dozens of emails & phone calls and 2 trips to pasd admin building over a span of 5 weeks, pasd has finally and reluctantly coughed up the Act 93 Admin Salaries Contract. This doc confirms that pasd administration plans on receiving 3 - 6% raises this year.

View and download the doc by clicking here.

A Request to the Superintendant

We respectfully request that your administration forego the 3 - 6% raises that they receive EVERY year and use these savings (~$200,000) to rescue our World Languages Program.

Everyone in this down economy is cutting back, taking zero raises, etc. We want our PASD administration to do the same. It's especially appalling that the school board asked you to take a zero percent raise earlier this year as a courtesy to the taxpayer and you refused.

I'm not referring to the immersion program. I'm under the impression that Spanish Immersion may not survive the cuts due to monetary and logistical concerns. Perhaps it can be revisited in a year or 2 when there are new buildings to house the program.

But World Languages is extremely important, especially in our global economy. I work in ecommerce on major brand sites and use French & Spanish every day. One can't overstate how important language skills are in today's job market.

Please contact superintendant Dr. Barbara Burke-Stevenson. She told everyone on television that she's happy to field your calls.

PASD Support Staff has been offered a raise of 20 cents per hour. Maintenance staff, nurses & other support staff work hard and I believe they deserve their small raises. Please exclude them from the above administrators, many of whom earn 6 figure salaries and can afford to forego their raises for one year to help rescue World Languages.


And please do everyone a favor. DO NOT blame the school board for this mess. They asked the admin to take a zero percent raise and the admin refused.

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Related Stories Around the Country

School Administrators’ pay reduced by 5 percent

School Administrators's Pay Frozen

School Administrators’ to pay 20% of insurance premiums

Many, many more related stories. Click here.

Anonymous Said: And so Dr. Stevenson. Is it all about the kids or your administration's raises?

Superintendant $205k
Director of Pupil Personnel Services/Special Ed
Principal/Dir of Comm Relations
Assistant principal
Assistant principal
Assistant principal
Assistant principal $96,000
Director of Technology $132,000
Supervisor of Reading/Language Arts $132,000
Supervisor of Mathematics $111,000
Assistant Principal $121,000
Assistant Principal $97,000
Supervisor of Special Ed $99,000
Supervisor of Special Ed $94,000
Director of Operations $123,000
Comptroller $85,000
Supervisor of Technology Ops $78,000
Business Specialist $67,000
Employee Benefits Admin $54,000
Athletic Specialist $42,000
Director of Human Resources $138,0000
Business Administrator $150,000
Assistant Superintendant $137,000
Admin assistant $31/hour
Admin assistant $35/hour

Responses from the Superintendant at 4/15 Board Meeting

"No admin is getting a 6% raise"

She ignored the details in the contract. The admin's contract guarantees a 3% raise plus up to 3% merit raise for a total of 6%. Assuming your administrators do an awesome job, they'll be granted 6% raises.

"I am not getting a raise"

This blog states the superintendant earns $900/day plus reported 80k taxpayer-funded pension. She must be referencing another blog as there has been no raise mentioned here.

Dr. Stevenson can be reached at 484-927-5010 and looks forward to your calls. Ask her why her admin deserves a big raise while they're raising your taxes 7% and cutting Spanish.

She must have a ton of voicemails because I haven't heard from anyone who has gotten thru... send an email, comment or question, click here

Daniel Boone School District Admin Take a Smaller Raise

This article says they're taking a 2% raise instead of their typical 5% raise after the school board asked them to take a 0% raise. Sounds like pasd, except our admin wants their 6% raise. Read article

To comment, click here.

Turf for the high school football field?

There are strong arguments for both sides of this issue. Is it the right time to spend $565,000 on one field and $581,000 on another when the middle school is done in this environment? Let's delay this till next year unless someone can say why this MUST be done now. While the state is kicking in some funds, it's still your taxpayer money.

At the Board Meeting on Thursday 4/15 , the proposal for the turf field was voted on. The vote passed 6-3.

Anonymous Said: The track there is only 6 years old. And I think it's only that long ago when they redid the football field with new dirt and sod/planting and an irrigation system as well.

Anonymous Said: I know there are schools in the area who have the artificial turf fields but has anyone done any research to see what the numbers are vs. grass fields regarding injuries, especially joint injuries.

I remember not too long ago the owners of the professional football teams announced that they were going back to natural grass fields as their research showed an increase in injuries to the players.

I think this should have been researched more completely before voting to spend money here in little old Phoenixville for artificial turf fields. There is no way that the artificial surface is cheaper in the long run to maintain. The more it is played on, the more the surface stretches, tears, etc. and these are the things that cause injuries.

Big Mistake, PASD school board!!! Wrong vote again!!!

To comment, click here.

Cutting the language programs?

PASD admin has recommended we cut the language programs. The school board is discussing and analyzing the costs, logistics, staffing etc of the program.

Don't many colleges require language skills???

World Language is NOT mandated by the state so this important program can be dropped in spite of how needed it is for college admissions and many other situations in a global economy.

The next curriculum meeting is May 11th, 6:30, at the high school library.

I would think they must keep World Languages and teach a language one or 2 days per week. Not sure if Spanish Immersion, while popular, is sustainable? Again, Barbara wants to kill this program to finance their raises.

To comment, click here.

What does your administrator earn?

Click here to find out.

PASD Admin has an awesome benefits package. Thanks taxpayers. Click here to see it.

Plus remember, administrators pay $45/month for their insurance premium. That's a cheap premium for their Cadillac plan! Thanks taxpayers.

Also note, if you read the PASD 2010-11 budget, costs of providing benefits to pasd employees rose 25% this year. I don't see any mention of anybody, but the taxpayer, kicking in extra money towards this cost.

View the 2010-11 PASD preliminary budget, click here

Superintendant Search

To apply for PASD Superintendant, please mail your information to:

Paul Slaninka
PASD Administration Building
1120 S. Gay Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460

The Chester County Intermediate Unit is also assisting with the search. Contact Joseph J. O'Brien, Ed.D., Executive Director, 484-237-5010.

The search firm has failed for the third time. As of March 18, 2010, PASD has spent $21,533 on the superintendant search with McPherson & Jacobson LLC, 7905 L St., Suite 310, Omaha, NE 68127, 888-375-4814.

OJR did their own search with help from the public and they're very happy with their choice after a very harrowing year. After 3 failed attempts, OJR's model is looking better and better.

Ohio Casualty
AIG Policy
Denial of Additional Fees for Construction
Elimination of a standard retainer for Special Education
Engineer claim on modular installation
Savings for accepting a proposal of a local land surveying firm for East Pikeland property
Architectural Fees for East Pikeland
$10,000.00 (est.)
Energy Consultant
Reduction in Architectural Fees for the
demolition of PAMS
Settlement of PASD litigation initiated by the prior Administration $275,000.00
Savings associated with recommendation of
competitive proposals for CM firms for new
PAMS Project
Minimum savings on the contested claim of
the former CM for the KES Project
Educational Savings $13,037.89
Solicitor attendance at Bi-Monthly School
Board Meetings
TOTAL $1,835,188.89
Subtract FOX ROTHSCHILD's fees of approximately $800,000 for a savings of $1,000,000

Anonymous Said: How much of this lawyer's fees were a result of all of the basketball nonsense? Tens of thousands I am told. All for what? The people who perpetuated all of that nonsense should foot the bill.

Also, the district had to take a stand with the 200 thousand that is missing and was revealed as part of the audit. 

Each of the people fired, and there were several, needed to have the school lawyer review their termination. Not one of the fired people, and there were many, has taken action against the school which means all firings had merit. How much did that cost? 10's of thousands I am told.

The district also had a horrible superintendent who was such an ego maniac he lead the district into multi million dollar land deals that were simply illogical.

The school district is finally on the right track. So, a little extra money went to the lawyers. Is there really a price on doing things right."

" How much of this lawyer's fees were a result of all of the basketball nonsense? Tens of thousands I am told. All for what? The people who perpetuated all of that nonsense should foot the bill.

Also, the district had to take a stand with the 200 thousand that is missing and was revealed as part of the audit. 

The district also had a horrible superintendent who was such an ego maniac he lead the district into multi million dollar land deals that were simply illogical.

Each of the people fired, and there were several, needed to have the school lawyer review their termination. Not one of the fired people, and there were many, has taken action against the school which means all firings had merit. How much did that cost? 10's of thousands I am told.

The school district is finally on the right track. So, a little extra money went to the lawyers. Is there really a price on doing things right."

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Phoenixville was voted a Top 10 Neighborhood by Philadelphia Magazine. Awesome News. Also calls out Phoenixville's high ranking High School with 15:1 student to teacher ration. Read about it here:

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Dear God

Why do you allow so much violence to occur in schools?

Because I'm not allowed there.

Signed. God

Cyber Bullying

Should you ever see examples of cyber bullying on this or any local blog, please call the Phoenixville Police Department.

Camphill Kimberton receives Phoenixville Middle School’s Help4Others Grant

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, a farming and handcrafting community that includes adults with developmental disabilities, recently received a $1,000 grant from Phoenixville Middle School ’s Help4Others group.

Help4Others, or H40, is a Youth in Philanthropy Group at the Phoenixville Area Middle School . This group of 14 eighth grade students meets once a week to learn more about needs in their community and how people give back. With guidance from their teachers, Gina Keenan and Monica Daley, they reviewed proposals submitted by non-profit organizations and visited sites in order to help them determine how to best distribute funds.

Out of nine area non-profits the students selected, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills received funding to purchase strawberries and supplies for the Sankanac Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Garden. The Sankanac CSA at Camphill Kimberton grows vegetables and produce on approximately 12 acres that feed the 100 village residents and an additional 150 families outside the community. CSA members sign up and pay a fee at the beginning of the year, which then enables the farmer, Todd Newlin, to buy seed, supplies, and equipment. Newlin, along with people with and without disabilities, ready the soil, greenhouses and seedlings. Starting at the end of May and continuing through October, CSA members visit the farm each week to pick up that week’s harvest. Every growing season differs slightly depending on the weather. Buying fresh and local produce has many benefits to personal health and to the environment.

Youth in Philanthropy, now its seventh year at both the middle school and high school, is supported by the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation. The program is intended to help young people gain a deeper understanding of needs, charity and volunteerism within their own community.

Lynn Pike Hartman, vice president of programs at the Foundation, spoke at the award presentation held on Wednesday. Hartman used the analogy of the strawberries purchased for Camphill Kimberton to express to the students how important their work in H4O has been. Just as the strawberries need careful, diligent tending in order to become thoroughly red and delicious, the H4O has been proof that through their hard work they now have evidence of reaping what they have sown.

“If you plant honesty, you reap trust,” said Hartman. “If you plant goodness, you reap friendships. If you plant hard work, you reap success, and if you plant charity, then you reap heartfelt joy. Remember this joy and that you can bring this feeling into your lives every day.”

Other award recipients included The Clinic, Police Athletic League, Good Samaritan Shelter, Mom’s House, PACS, Healthy Start, and the Southeastern PA Autism Resource Center.

The mission at Camphill Kimberton is to encourage individuals, especially those with special needs, to discover and fulfill their developmental and creative potential within a farming and handcrafting community. In valuing persons of all abilities, Kimberton Hills seeks to foster a living and working environment that is sustainable, productive and beautiful. Residents and volunteers uniquely contribute to the community through meaningful vocations such as gardening, dairy farming, and working in the café, bakery and craft workshops. As the community cares for one another, it also nurtures and improves the land by practicing biodynamic and organic agriculture and raising environmental awareness.

For more information about Camphill Kimberton, visit

What's in our students' food?

Please consider signing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution petition by clicking on the attached link. If he gets enough support, the USDA will be forced to offer better school lunches to our children.

Right now they are eating over processed, chemically enhanced garbage that can barely be classified as “food.”

You would cringe when you heard what was permitted as “acceptable.” (let’s just say that a percentage of rat hair and “droppings” are considered acceptable)

French fries are classified as a vegetable! When in reality, they contain carcinogens that have been directly linked to cancer!

It only takes a second to sign the petition. Click on the link and fill out the section of the right side of the screen. BE SURE TO “uncheck” the box at the bottom if you are not interested in receiving updates on the Food Revolution!

Anonymous said
The claim that french fries contain carcinogens that have been directly linked to cancer is not true. Rather, asparagine (found in fries) when heated with certain sugars, leads to the formation of acrylamide which is classified as a possible carcinogen. To report that fries contain carcinogens as fact is irresponsible. I also strongly believe we can feed our children healthier than we do and for less money.

Are you worried about itil v3 foundation besides Comptia network+ exam preparation? We offer up-to-date ccvp training dumps and 642-902 dumps with 100% exam pass guarantee of 1z0-053 wireless dumps.


Kudos to Debbie Dawson and the Building and Grounds Committee and all parties involved in closing out the Middle School Construction.

As a result of their efforts and teamwork, PASD has saved millions of dollars in the new Middle School.

Contacting your school board

Here are the names and emails of the PASD administration and school board members

Dr. Alan Fegley, Superintendent
Email Dr. Fegley, click here

Stanley Johnson, Business Manager
Email Stan Johnson, click here

Paul Slaninka, School Board President
Email Paul Slaninka, click here

Debbie Dawson, School Board Vice President
Email Debbie Dawson, click here

Mary Croke-Parris, School Board Secretary
Email Mary Croke-Parris, click here

Joshua D. Gould, School Board Treasurer
Email Josh Gould, click here

Jan N. Potts
Email Jan Potts, click here

Jill Slawecki
Email Jill Slawecki, click here

Dan Cushing
Email Dan Cushing, click here

Betsy Ruch
Email Betsy Ruch, click here

David Ziev
Email David Ziev, click here

9th Grade Biology

For the past few years, Phoenixville was the only local school district that did not have 9th grade biology. Thanks to Jan Potts, we now have 9th grade biology.

The school board decision to put a Biology section into 9th grade was 8-1.

The audit DID NOT suggest Honors Bio for 10th grade - it will stay in 11th grade.

Our issue was a track for students to be able NOT to take Investigating Earth and the Environment Honors in 9th grade so that they could take a more foundational science and WE ARE THE only school in this region that didn't allow that.

The audit committee finally suggested a solution that would involve having the highest science kids (maybe as many as 50 students) take IEE Honors in 8th grade over at the high school as an accelerated track. This would open up their schedule for a a foundational science in 9th grade.

We felt that this was a neat idea and represented some creative thinking and we applauded them for that and for their effort to solve the issue.

USA Today Article

USA Today recently published an article about air pollition in local schools. Review your school's scores here.

But wait. USA Today didn't even use accurate numbers as they described our kindergarten as having the worst air in the country among kindergartens.

Their supposed journalism is hurting our community by falsely informing people that the air at the kindergarten is bad. A recent letter to pasd superintendant shows the air is fine.

Right to Know Letter

If you desire information that your teacher or principal can't furnish, call the school district to request information that you feel should be furnished to a district taxpayer 484-927-5000.

If the school adminstrator can't answer the question, you can send a right to know letter to pasd's Right to Know officer. Use the template below. Kindly allow them 5 - 10 days to process your request.

Stanley Johnson, Business Manager, PASD

Dear Mr. Stanley Johnson:
Please consider this an official written request for information from the [name of agency]. I would like to examine and inspect [and/or obtain copies or extracts of ] the following documents: [List individually the documents you wish to examine, inspect or copy. Be as specific as possible.]

I believe the above documents constitute public records pursuant to Pennsylvania's Right to Know Law, 65 P.S. §§ 66.1 et seq. You may contact me at [address and telephone number] regarding arrangements for the disclosure of the information.

If you decide to refuse this request, please provide me with a written statement of the reasons for denial. If your denial is based upon a statute, regulation or court decision, please cite that law or case, including the specific section or sections you rely upon, in your written response.

I look forward to the [name of agency] making this information available to me within (5 business days for local agencies; 10 business days for Commonwealth agencies). Sincerely, [Name] [Address]

Nepotism and Sunshine Law Violations

A board member can legally hire a family member IF they're qualified. It is not nepotism. Get over it. Call a lawyer.

2 members of a School Board Committee may meet in private with a school administrator without violating the Sunshine Laws.

5 members of the school board may NOT meet in private with an administrator. That WOULD be a Sunshine Law violation.

Section 13. Committee Meetings
65 Pa. C.S.A.
Sec. 703, 709
Pol. 006
Committee meetings may be called at any time by the committee chairperson with proper public notice or when requested to do so.A majority of the total membership of a committee shall constitute a quorum.

65 Pa. C.S.A.
Sec. 701 et seq
Unless held as an executive session, committee meetings shall be open to the public, other Board members, and the Superintendent.

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Library Expansion Plan
According to a PottsMerc article on 10/27, the Phoenixville library has withdrawn its expansion proposal for 2nd Avenue. Hooray. Now we can all help find a place for an awesome library with parking that will make everybody happy.

Plus the borough undid the sale of 2nd Avenue to PASD for a buck. So hopefully, it is the end of the library mess.

To the students, faculty, administration, school board and everyone at Phoenixville High School for achieving a Top 50 Ranking at Philadelphia Magazine. Congratulations also to Latin teacher Nicole Curry for achieving a top rank as teacher from Philadelphia Magazine too.

To Debbie Dawson for her appointment to Vice President of the School board and to Josh Gould for his appointment to Treasurer. Congratulations also to David Ziev for his appointment to the School Board to replace Lisa Star's seat.

Good luck Lisa Star
Thank you for all your time and help on the school board. May everybody be as honest & smart as you.

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To newly-sworn in school board directors Betsy Ruch and Dan Cushing and incumbents Jan Potts and Josh Gould.

To Barkley principal Stephanie Zdrazil who has accepted a new job as principal of North Coventry Elementary School. An awesome lady who will be missed.

Watch Your Kids!
A student was hit by a car on Hares Hill near East Pikeland on Thursday, November 12. Not sure of the details, but sounds like an impatient driver who may have been distracted by their cell phone.

If they were on their cell and at fault, they deserve charges pressed. Assume the worst and watch your babies.

Anonymous said
If you're waiting in line behind a bus and you see some idiot go thru the bus lights, try to take a cell phone photo of their license plate. That evidence along with the bus drivers testimony may get them prosecuted. Take back your streets. Just a thought...

A belated congratulations to the 4 school board members who won the election. Betsy Ruch. Jan Potts. Josh Gould and Dan Cushing. Wendy Kelly and Kevin Patinson should also be commended for their efforts.

Crowded Elementary Schools
The August school board meeting had a discussion about our crowded elementary schools.

Redistricting may be an idea to move students from a crowded class to a less-crowded classroom at another elementary school.

I don't think busing kids for an hour is a solution.

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9th Grade Academy

The 9th grade Academy was created in 08 to ease the transition of middle school into high school - academically, socially, and emotionally.

For some reason, from Fall 08 to Winter 09, communication between the school board and the administrators was just about nonexistent. Don't any of them have phones, email or text messaging?

Now that goals have not been met, we've had an apology from the admin and finger pointing by the school board.

Please work together to make this program succeed

The Task Force is now done with its work and the meetings were wonderful - we got an incredible amount of work done in a short period of time because we worked collaboratively with ALL students' best interests in mind.

Relay for Life volunteers accused of embezzling

French Creek Learning Center
Mentioned at a recent pasd board meeting was the fact that there are 20 students at French Creek Learning Center, but the third party institution that is running that school is billing pasd for 50 students.

Given the average cost per student in pasd is approximately $13,000 per student per year , have we been overbilled by $390,000 per year times 7 years equals $2.8 million?

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Who wouldn't like lower school taxes?
I just found out that OJR has a program for senior citizens to help them lower their school taxes. The seniors "work" for the school district as teacher assistants, tutors, all types of help and instead of receiving pay, their school taxes are reduced based on how many hours they work.

I think this is an awesome idea. It keeps the seniors busy when their schedule is light, it helps their taxes and it helps overworked teachers and administration.

Who could have a problem with this? I'm not going to go there, but there's always someone against a great idea.

Here's the link to OJR's program. If they can do this, why can't we?

Call PASD administration to see when we can start this program, 484-927-5000. If the taxpayer isn't heard, nothing will happen.

I'd also think this program could be expanded to all ages and all government agencies with a goal of getting tax help for everybody. It won't happen without people getting involved, making phone calls, following up & making some noise. What are you waiting for?

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Forensic Audit Results
The results of a state forensic audit show that PASD employees misappropriated tens of thousands of dollars over the past 5 years.

Read the details in the Pottstown Mercury

Note that neither the school board nor their council was involved in the investigation. Please don't blame them because many of the former employees no longer work for the school district.

According to a right to know letter to pasd, the cost of the forensic audit was $45,499.57. I think this was well spent. We need to clean up the mess and move forward.

East Pikeland Mobile Park Home
A developer has plans to build a 400-unit mobile home park in East Pikeland. If you don't want higher taxes, get involved and help stop this. Everyone in PASD will be affected thru higher school taxes, utility bills, more cops, more crime. The list goes on and on.

If you don't get involved, they'll build this monster and we'll all pay the price for a long time.

Anonymous said
So let's say there's a thousand kids there for our already crowded schools. They cost $13,000 per kid to send to pasd so that's $13 million added to our $80 million pasd budget.

People in mobile parks don't pay any taxes on their little plots and mobile homes so I guess our school taxes will go up 25% to support this?

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Public Meeting Behavior
There are no state laws requiring PASD to host public Q&A during their school board meetings. A few more outbursts like on Thursday night, September 17 could end our public forums. This would be a loss for everyone as communication is #1 when it comes to working together as a community.

I really couldn't blame the school board if they omitted public forums because board members are unfairly & publicly accused of nepotism, kickbacks and violating sunshine laws.

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Did Lower Merion School District spy on students via the webcam on their school-issued apple laptops? All the facts aren't in, but it looks shaky.

A student claims a principal approached him about inappropriate activities in his house. The administrator claims they saw the student with drugs via a webcam screenshot taken of the student in his own house. The student says they were Mike & Ike candies. The students family filed a federal lawsuit last week.

Today, 2/24, the administrator vehemently denies the student was monitored calling the accusations "offensive, abhorrent and outrageous." So is the student lying and the whole lawsuit frivolous? Very strange the family owes the IRS and PECO and has been involved in many, many lawsuits...

The school district claims the webcams were remotely accessed only to find lost or stolen laptops.

The FBI and Attourney General are conducting investigations. Glad it's not happening here and hopefully all administrations have learned from this.

We'll hear more facts and they'll be posted here as they happen. More info:

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If you can't come to PASD School Board meetings and workshops, email here to make your voice heard on this blog.

School taxes are going up across the country while property values are flat or going down in many areas. Only if you participate in the process can you hope to make a difference.

Thank you for reading. Get involved!